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Statistically, in today’s digital age, it is a matter of when, and not if, a cyber-attack is going to impact you or your business. Our lives and our businesses have become irreversibly "online". As we connect more and more devices to the Internet and rely ever more heavily on our computers, smartphones and tablets, we hand over increasing volumes of sensitive data and put ourselves at risk of security breaches.

CyberLaw's world-class team of cyber security experts and legal practitioners offers unparalleled advice, consultancy and legal representation in the field of cyber security. We assist our clients with complex legal cases, help them to understand and mitigate their online risk and prepare effectively for potential cyber security incidents.

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Equally, many technical experts are unfamiliar with what is legally permissible and advisable within the realms of cyber security. This leads to a challenging stand-off between lawyers and technical professionals, both parties often unclear on how best to proceed.

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CyberLaw moves away from the traditional, often complicated and costly relationships between lawyers, third party consultants and in-house expertise. We instead bring a dedicated, specialist team to your case; one that combines and works with all parties to deliver the best and most efficient results for you.

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